About Us

KeyUrban, LLC, is a Certified Business Entity (CBE, formerly LSDBE) in the District of Columbia specializing in the management of real estate development projects. Based in Northwest DC, KeyUrban has been helping non-profit and for-profit companies achieve their development and project goals since 2004.

KeyUrban has served a diverse group of clients ranging from those that do not possess the in-house capacity or expertise to meet their project needs to those looking to outsource, as well as organizations looking to identify CBEs for their projects. By providing a fully-integrated set of services that can be tailored to each client and project, KeyUrban offers proven expertise in project management, finance, strategy, and technology.

In addition to our strategic expertise and outstanding project management, working with KeyUrban can help organizations comply with hiring requirements when using District funds or programs. To learn more about our work, please visit our projects page.

Dahn Warner

Dahn Warner, Founder and Principal

Dahn established KeyUrban in 2004 with the goal of helping organizations accomplish community-improvement real estate projects. Over the past decade, Dahn has managed complex projects for non-profit and for-profit companies, as well as educational institutions and government agencies all along the East Coast. His mission is to provide guidance to clients with the shared goal of revitalizing and sustaining the elements that create a great city.

Dahn earned his undergraduate degree from Carnegie Mellon University and went on to receive his MBA from Yale. Before starting KeyUrban, Dahn gained valuable experience working for a national developer of affordable housing, as well as helping Princeton University and small businesses implement and manage their major infrastructure and technology projects.

Dahn Warner

Nadim van de Fliert, Director

Following work in international development and urban planning, Nadim joined KeyUrban in 2016 to focus on community-oriented real estate development in the city he calls home. With a background in linguistics and experience working in diverse settings across the country and the globe, Nadim specializes in holistic interventions in the built environment that catalyze positive social, economic, and environmental improvements. He excels in providing clients with meticulous analysis and insightful guidance that lead to creative solutions for a better city.

Nadim received two undergraduate degrees from the University of Maryland, College Park and a Master of Urban Planning (M.U.P.) Degree from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

Dahn Warner

William Chin, Development Associate

William is passionate about responsibly advancing the built environment, with the ultimate goal of creating inclusive, economically viable communities. He joined KeyUrban in the fall of 2019 to sharpen his focus on the creation of affordable housing and the delivery of community-oriented real estate development services.

Previously William managed grants and participated in policy development work for the State of Maryland Department of Housing & Community Development. In 2018, he completed the DC-based Real Estate Associate Program (REAP), focused on increasing diversity in the commercial real estate sector. He also has prior development consulting experience with various communities across the U.S. and in Latin America.

William holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in City Planning from MIT.

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