KeyUrban provides a full set of services necessary for organizations to achieve their project and development goals. Once engaged, KeyUrban will, in consultation with the client, form a project team with all the skills required to achieve the desired set of outcomes within a timeframe and budget that is acceptable. KeyUrban provides these services:

Owner’s Representative Services:

KeyUrban represents owners engaged in real estate development projects. Owner’s Representative Services include:

  • Selecting and managing a development team — architect, engineers, construction company attorneys, and other professionals.
  • Building and managing a project budget and timeline.
  • Identifying and securing sources of financing, including grants, loans, tax credits and other instruments.
  • Managing bids and negotiation with all vendors.
  • Managing payment applications and cash flow.
  • Overseeing all aspects of the real estate development project, from concept through implementation and completion.

Construction Management

KeyUrban leads and manages construction projects on behalf of numerous clients. These services include:

  • Overseeing the activities of construction companies.
  • Arranging and providing services beyond the scope of the construction company, including telecommunication, networking, security and other requirements.

Financial Modeling

KeyUrban translates project goals into financial sources and uses so that organizations can define the needs of their projects and approach financial institutions and others to secure funds.

  • Procuring construction estimates from builders and adding other associated costs to build a construction or “hard costs” budget.
  • Obtaining price proposals from consultants and professionals to build a “soft costs” budget.
  • Working with lenders and agencies to define the costs of financing.
  • Applying fresh industry metrics to project other development costs.
  • Appropriately sizing construction and soft cost contingency budgets to cover inevitable unforeseen conditions and expenses.

Grant Writing

KeyUrban identifies and secures grant funds from local, federal and private sources. Overall services include:

  • Identifying compatible grant possibilities.
  • Representing clients in every aspect of the grant proposal process, including writing and submitting the grant.

Relocation Coordination

KeyUrban coordinates every aspect of an organization’s move to a temporary or permanent location. This includes:

  • Helping clients determine whether a move is necessary.
  • Formulating space requirements.
  • Identifying possible locations.
  • Negotiating a lease.
  • Identifying and hiring movers.
  • Arranging for discontinuation and initiation of services in the old and new locations.
  • Coordinating the actual move.
  • Following up to ensure the old and new locations have been arranged in an acceptable manner.

Many organizations require a customized set of services for their particular project needs. KeyUrban’s diverse and skilled professionals have the expertise to accomplish complex real estate, finance, technology and management projects. Please contact us, and we will be happy to discuss how we can help you achieve your goals!

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